Please help gain Justice for Greg Curry

Greg Curry’s cause is pure and simple justice: a fair, impartial hearing which is long overdue.
Our Fundraiser is here.

Greg was wrongfully accused & sentenced to life in Ohio following a 1993 prison riot in which he did not take part at all.

The money we raise will be used for investigative work and legal representation by an attorney.

The expenses, the filing decisions will all be posted.

The fund will be held in a Trust-account.

Numerous times during the last 25 years, Greg attemted to receive justice by filing pro-se motions with help of jailhouse lawyers. The proper judicial arguments are present in his case, but those legalities must be brought before the Court by an experienced Attorney.

This is why Greg seeks your help, the help from the people who care to see justice-for-all be a reality for all.

Large or small donations all help, as well as recommending to others you know to make a donation, or that attorneys donate their time.

You can also make a donation via other means than this (contact us via this or email or facebook, see below) we will then add it to the “offline contributions.”

An interview conducted five years ago at the 20th commemoration can be read here:

Kunta Kenyatta interviews Greg Curry:

Twitter: @freegregcurry

THANK YOU for CARING for Justice for Greg Curry! Any and all donations are welcome!