Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur)

Bomani Shakur 2011-1Keith LaMar is imprisoned on Ohio’s death row since 1995 for his alleged role during the “Lucasville Uprising” of 1993. He was falsely accused of having murdered prisoners and having “led a death squad.”

No physical evidence connects Keith to the murders that took place when the prison at Lucasville was in uprising. The verdict is based on (forced) snitch testimony.

Keith wrote a book called Condemned, in 2004, to highlight his life and the truth about what happened. This book Condemned: The Whole Story is now published and for sale via Amazon amongst others. Support for him is expressed on this website.

Condemned: The Whole Story (2014) – Keith Bomani Shakur LaMar’s book

His contact address is:

Keith LaMar, #317-117
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH, 44505

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Articles by Bomani:
Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur):

Keith LaMar’s website

Condemned, the Whole Story Keith’s book about the history surrounding the uprising in 1993, his unfair and injust trial, and the aftermath.

A documentary was made in 2014-’15 about the book Condemned by LaMar:

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